Tony H

It is in 1992 that Lebanese DJ Tony H had his very first feel of a mixing table with "Big in Japan", Alpha Ville's massive tune at the time. An admirer of Culture beat, Snap, & Dr. Alban, he quickly embarked on his musical journey - the escalation was rather fast, as it quickly took over: Vinyls were piling up while he was welcomed into the exclusive DJ community of Beirut.

"It was an exciting period, I had just gotten my very first vinyl, Mr. Vain by Culture beat, and I was looking for more, a music junkie, that's how I felt. I quickly found myself playing at private parties, important local DJs were coming up to me more often than I had hoped for, and I had the chance to progress with the best"

From 1995 onwards, Tony H has gone through his share of international clubbing, only with one objective: to stand behind the DJ booth at an International club. Its is only in 1997 that his wish came to reality, when notable DJ Anthony Bassoutou invited him for a "back to back" at "Crazy Beirut". He then quickly starred his first Radio shows at Peak FM where he was DJing on air.

Late 2002, Tony H headed to the world known Hotel Management School la Hague, in the Netherlands - the influence of the Dutch electronic music scene has quickly become an inspiration, as he slowly shifted from Electro dance, to House music genre. The switch between Vinyl & CD was smooth as he got a grip of CD mixing tables - while lighting the dance floors of the most popular student parties in town. The many electronic events Tony attended in the Netherlands have left their marks, as well as the wonderful melting pot he was now part of: 

"It was my growth stage, during that time I absorbed so much from the music, people, cultures around me, I knew I had to study to make a living, I had to be responsible and work hard to conciliate both school & my passion. I made it through, and it has been the most unique experience of my life - I grew at a personal level, a professional level, and as a DJ." 

Tony then returned to the motherland, where he worked within the Hotel industry, more particularly Events, and realized his passion for the field.

"It was like a "3-dimensional" love for Events, I realized I liked the creation, production, & the show - I never dropped my mixing table, she was my best ally, as I was discovering every other aspect of a successful event. It's probably my signature - from visuals, to the music, I like to be on top of the show - I think it is important for a DJ to have every aspect covered, at the end of the day, it is about the music, and more"

In 2010, Tony H joins Mix FM, leading radio station in the Middle East, as a producer and manager. It is at this point that he understood a life dedicated to music was possible, and finally could commit to his passion. He started playing in a few of the most prestigious clubs in Lebanon: Skybar, BO-18, Maison Blanche, opening international names such as David Guetta, Armin Van Burren, Dash Berlin, Sasha, James Zabiela and many more.  He then left the radio industry and signed his first residency with Maison Blanche, where he performed until 2013, when he joined The Crystal Group in Dubai. 

People by Crystal's dance-floor was his playground, as he released the wonderful energy of his unique tunes to the crowd: "My residency at People is a gift I am utterly thankful for; I could be myself and that's priceless for a DJ, especially in Dubai. I could reach out to people playing my own music, loving what I do, and there is nothing more satisfying than feeling the crowd's response to your own creation. People has been on top of the Pyramid for years now, it is still nominated as best club and will remain the top venue in DXB - reason being we do what we love: I do, and so does the light engineer and the staff: we are all passionate of what we do, and we will keep humbly doing it for the pleasure of everyone who swings by". DJ Tony H always showcases his talent at "Showdown", a battle of the DJ's night at People by Crystal Abu Dhabi alongside DJ Slim from Paris and DJ Neari.

Hard to define, Tony H's genre is a flawlessly timeless mix of music from the past, and today. Winner of the 'Best Resident DJ' by Time Out Music and Nightlife Awards at People by Crystal Dubai, he is known for his inspiring and reviving spirit tunes while blending them with EDM beats, he has been seducing a heterogeneous crowd, with his unique touch, and his inspiring energy.