JC, who has lived out most of his life in city of Dubai, made DJing a career after years of never imagining it could be more than a hobby of just collecting records. 

JC was introduced to DJing at the age of 16. At the time he was confined to his room to mix up his tunes, reason being he never knew which genre of music he really wanted to stick with. In 2000, JC was introduced to the diversified genre of House Music and realised that it was the kind of music he wanted to play out.

His stompin' style, which is a crossover between various sub genres of house music, and his ability to read a crowd gave him quick recognition amongst local DJs and clubbers. On the off shoot, JC has gained a firm standing in the chill out scene in the region with his bi-weekly sunset sessions for audio tonic at 360.

JC has also been one the youngest DJs to represent Dubai at the FOUND@Thrist event, which featured world-renowned DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold and Daniele Davoli. In 2005, JC started working at Ohm Records. Being the only independent record store in the Middle East and the people guilty of
bringing club nights like the FingerLickin' Sessions, Renaissance and Shindig to Dubai - Within a few months at OHM Records JC was given the chance to step-up and head the events department in the
organisation. It was a privilege to head the events section of the record store and at the same time have decks to play with 6 days a week.

His unique style, charisma behind the decks and selection of music by taking clubbers on a voyage through a broad spectrum of concentrated bass driven sounds set the dance floor ablaze instantly.
In February 2006, JC was signed on as a resident DJ for Trilogy, Madinat Jumeriah, where he spent two strong years. Which undoubtedly is, the biggest club in the region and voted into the top 50 clubs in the world by DJ Mag.

Being the youngest DJ to be on the club's roster, JC has proven himself worthy of his position. Since his signing with Trilogy JC has secured permanent warm-up slots for Shindig, Renaissance, Absolut Reflections, BIG NIGHT OUT, Bedrock, Global Underground, Defected In The House

From September 2006, JC also does a monthly breakz show on Radio 1 which is featured on every 3rd Friday of the month hosted by Dany Neville.

2007 saw playing for the German super club and record label Cocoon that had Sven Vath play on the first night at Trilogy. 2008 saw JC already secure residencies at Tribe, Lotus One, Submarine, Chi, Al Maya Island (Abu Dhabi) and Cinnabar (Hilton). Plus a new night on Wednesdays at Alpha and in October JC joined the Audiotonic crew at 360 every Friday.  In December of that year, JC secured a weekly Thursday night residency in one of the most chic clubs in town New Asia Bar @ The Raffles - as well tours booked in Middle East, Asia and Ibiza.

2009 was a step up for JC, with a weekly residency confirmed for a year at audio tonic @ 360, the top 50 clubs in the world and the residency at Sanctuary Club @ Atlantis Hotel, Palm island, which was the biggest club in the country. The same year, JC played for NOBU as their resident DJ for this international franchise.  2010 saw JC secure a residency at Prive and Hashi at the Armani Hotel Dubai.

2011 was one of his busiest years yet with Calabar at the Address Downton Dubai, sunset sessions at 360 and audio tonic at the Monte Carlo Club in Abu Dhabi.

Music being the air that he breathes, his charisma behind the decks has set him firmly as one for the prominent players in the local scene.