Brasserie Angélique //

Brasserie Angélique is Jumeirah’s award-winning French restaurant in Abu Dhabi that offers you an authentically inspired à la carte menu. The menu is created by chefs who truly understand the artistry and subtlety of French cuisine and its myriad flavours.

With its extravagant, French-inspired interior, Brasserie Angélique makes you feel as if you have found your very own corner of France. And once your food arrives, you will be convinced.

From exquisite seafood dishes to unforgettable desserts, come and experience the flavours of France as they should be.


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Previous Events //
  • Thu
    17 Nov
    Exclusive opportunity for a Rhône Valley Grape Dinner

      Taste some of France’s finest grapes during the month of November in Brasserie Angélique. We will offer promotions by the glass or...

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