Sommelier Monday @ COYA Abu Dhabi //

The practice of tasting is traced as far back as 1519 but there’s still so much left to learn!

Sommelier Mondays is our humble attempt at contributing to the wonderful world of grapes and a celebration of some of the vineyards we love and ones we hope you’ll fall for as well.

Our sommeliers have worked meticulously to create a list that encompasses the diverse spectrum of flavour profiles but still made it accessible to everyone’s palates.

This is our tribute to the grapes and we’d love to share it with all of you.

Contact: Ae
+971 (0) 2 306 7000

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Beverage Prices
  1. from 50 AED
  2. from 40 AED
  3. from 60 AED
  4. from 570 AED
Dress Code
  • Smart Casual
Special Conditions
  • Your favorite grapes up-to half the price tag off!
In the Neighborhood//