National Peru Day @ COYA //

What does home mean to us?

It's the question we've tried to answer every time we served a bowl of ceviche or poured the perfect Pisco Sour.

Home is a taste, the people but most importantly, it's a feeling.

On the 28th, we'd like to raise a glass and pay homage to the culture that made us who we are.

From the Chicha Culture-inspired posters that dot the space to the special menu we have planned, tap into your inner Peruvian and talk a walk through our mercado.

Taste our culture in every bite of the Lomo Soltado, every sip of the Chilcano and hear our roots come to life with every beat as our DJs transport you to the streets of Lima.

We've brought home to your doorstep and now we'd like to take you to ours...

Contact: Ae
+971 (0) 2 306 7000

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Beverage Prices
  1. from 50 AED
  2. from 40 AED
  3. from 60 AED
  4. from 570 AED
Dress Code
  • Smart Casual
Special Conditions
  • Eat, Drink & Dance Just like they do back in Peru!
In the Neighborhood//