Mark Zitti e i Fratelli Coltelli @ Roberto's //

Join us for one special night of Italian Jazz!

With the live band of brothers: Marco Mark Virgili Zitti

Be blown away by this troop of jazz professionals!

A little about them:
"They are the musical “crew” that will energize the most placid and dozy of listeners who had ever come to a gig! Young Lions on (rhythmic) probation, fugitives of the Jive, masters of the Breaking-Swing and lethal soloists! Swinging with a sharp though engaging sound, a warm and versatile vocality, vigorous and passionate Jazz that bubbles forth from an indomitable brass section led by with the impetuosity and cockiness of their youth and, finally, the navigated instrumental mastery of those which are coming from the best music academies of the state."

This brotherhood of jazz is here to have you swinging from your seats!

Join us in Roberto's Abu Dhabi on Friday the 14th of June to opening the season with a bang!

Contact | T +971 4 386 00 66

More about them:

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Beverage Prices
  1. from 45 AED
  2. from 28 AED
  3. from 45 AED
  4. from 600 AED
Dress Code
  • Smart Casual
Special Conditions
In the Neighborhood//