Ladies’ Night - Kiss And Tell @ Stratos //

Ladies, it’s time to soak up the city in a full 360° sweep as bright lights sparkle below.
Enjoy great drinks and music while relaxing above a frantic city.

Ladies get free drinks from 8 – 11pm.

Every Tuesday from 8pm ENTERTAINMENT Hosted by Resident DJ Lola Nova

Toll free: 800 101 101

Tell People You are Going !

Beverage Prices
  1. from 40 AED
  2. from 40 AED
  3. from 50 AED
  4. from 700 AED
Dress Code
  • Please note that caps, tennis shoes, slippers, sandals, bandanas, faded jeans, track suits and open shirts are not allowed
  • Appropriate dress code for ladies
Special Conditions
  • Ladies get free drinks from 8 – 11pm
In the Neighborhood//