Since breaking into the house music scene in 2008, DJ Vanilla has dived into the spotlight, carving a name out as one of Australia's most sought after female DJs. Renown for her smooth vocal house licks, sexy up-tempo r'n'b and funky electro spins, she embraces the dance floor's appetite for tracks, building up beats each week with residencies and guest appearances throughout Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and India.

After conquering the club scene in Australia, Vanilla spread her wings to become an international DJ in 2011. Her talent was noticed and she was scouted for an exclusive residency at Dubai's Barasti Beach Bar as a 'Barasti Beach Angel'. At Barasti, Vanilla supported weekly international acts such as Hed Kandi, Coolio, Barbara Tucker, Myon & Shane 54, Haddaway and Fierce Angel.

Since her arrival in Dubai, Vanilla's popularity has flourished. She was selected for an exclusive tour across seven cities in Indonesia and played at several high-class pool party events in New Delhi. Currently Vanilla holds a residency at 'Barasti Beach Bar' and 'The Living Room' in the Grand Hyatt Dubai, while also regularly freelancing at events across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She also appears regularly as a radio host and DJ on the popular radio station Channel 4,which broadcasts across the UAE.

Vanilla's musical style and passion is known to be commercial, RnB and handbag house. However, as a DJ, she is versatile with all genres, being able to mix Hip Hop, trance, 80s & 90s, party hits, electro, tech, progressive and funky house.

To add further depth and element to her already glamorous sets, DJ Vanilla is now in the midst of producing original tracks after completing the Electronic Music Production Course at the Dubai SAE campus. She also continues to focus on laying down quality samples, mash ups, and bootlegs during her sets to further enhance the flavoured experience.

Vanilla's ability to read an audience and play music pulls everybody into an energetic, vibrant mood. Her song selections send the listeners on a harmonious ride, pieced together with her mixes of perfection. She loves to entertain, whether it is through her elegant dance moves or by reaching out to the crowd on the mic.

Vanilla has the ability to touch souls with her sounds and never fails to fill the room with an amazing and hypnotising party vibe.